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8. 12. 2013

Winter 2013 Dublin 4 and Milltown Newsletter

Cllr. Kieran Binchy has recently dropped this newsletter to residents in Dublin 4 and Milltown to introduce himself as their Fine Gael Councillor, and the Fine Gael candidate in the 2014 local elections. Click on the image to open the newsletter:         NEW ELECTORAL AREA The Pembroke South Dock electoral area combines the old Pembroke Ward (Sandymount, […]

1. 12. 2013

Gully Cleaning Programme – October

  The following is a list of 334 streets in the Dublin South East Area, including Pembroke South Dock, with the number of gullies on the street inspected during the month of October, and the number of gullies cleared.   As we move into winter the need to keep gullies clear is even more important, especially in areas prone to […]

23. 11. 2013

Public Parks Consultation

Are you a regular user of Herbert Park, Sandymount Green, Ringsend Park, Irishtown Nature Reserve, Merrrion Square Park or one of the other public parks in the Pembroke South Dock areas of Dublin 2, Dublin 4, Dublin 6 or Dublin 8?   If so, please let the Council know what you think through this short survey:       […]

23. 11. 2013

Dublinbikes New Subscription Charges December 2013

New subscription charges will help fund dublinbikes expansion Dublin City Council and JCDecaux have announced changes to the cost of dublinbikes membership. The changes take effect from 6th December 2013 and will contribute towards the expansion of the dublinbikes scheme.   The following new charges will apply to subscription renewals and new membership from 6th December: • Long Term membership […]

16. 9. 2013

NOVEMBER 2013 – St. Stephen’s Green Traffic Changes

Dublin City Council has announced a new traffic scheme in the St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street area. This will result in less disruption when the utility works for Luas Cross City begin in 2014. The council announced today that work will begin on the St. Stephen’s Green Traffic Management Scheme on 9th September and expects all work to be […]

12. 9. 2013

August Gully Cleaning

Did you know that when the Council cleans a gully a record is kept, and the records are compiled so that you can be confident that the City’s gullies and drains are being kept clear and effective?   For example, here is the August report, with the number of gullies on each street inspected and cleaned in the area:   […]

30. 6. 2013

Merrion Square Play Day – Sunday 7th July

Dublin City Council celebrates and supports ‘National Playday’ which is an annual event to promote play and encourage communities to organise energetic and health-focused play activities in their own cities, neighbourhoods, streets, parks and open spaces. The event highlights the facilities available in parks and open spaces and promotes the social and health benefits of active play for children. It […]

16. 5. 2013

Report on Dublin Bikes Scheme Expansion

Report on the expansion of the dublinbikes scheme (May 2013) Introduction Dublin City Council’s dublinbikes scheme is one of the most successful public bike rental schemes worldwide. When first introduced it was anticipated that there would be five thousand subscribers after the first year of operation.  Currently the scheme has a total of 31,000 long term subscribers with the bikes […]

9. 4. 2013

Cleaning and Clearing the City

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 08/04/2013 Q76. COUNCILLOR KIERAN BINCHY To ask the Manager how many old poles and signs have been removed since the installation of the new fingerpost wayfinding system in the city, what plans are there to remove more, how many old telephone kiosks and boxes have been removed and what plans are there to […]

8. 4. 2013

Recycling facilities for Council Housing Complexes

  Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 08/04/2013       Q77. COUNCILLOR KIERAN BINCHY To ask the Manager for a progress report for the provision of recycling services in City Council housing complexes.     CITY MANAGER’S REPLY: The Contract for the Waste Collection Service in City Council flat complexes has not yet been awarded as negotiations are […]