Update on Community Liaison Forum for Poolbeg Incinerator

Question to the Chief Executive Council Meeting 8th June 2015


To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the formation of a community liaison forum for the Poolbeg incinerator.


The committee shall comprise 10 members having an independent chairperson, 3 local community representatives, 3 elected members of Dublin City Council, 2 officials of Dublin City Council and 1 representative from the operators of the waste to energy facility.

The Independent Chair
The Chief Executive has appointed Peter McLoone as independent Chairperson of the CGLC. Peter has considerable experience on various Boards, Committees and Agencies in a variety of organisations and sectors.

3 Local Community Representatives
An Assessment Panel comprising the Chair, the Lord Mayor and the Executive Manager, Environment & Transportation Department met on the 3rd June to assess the applications received for membership of the Committee from the following sectors:
(i) community/voluntary/disadvantage (ii) education/sports/art/culture/environment and (iii) business. The Panel has nominated one group from each sector to the Chief Executive who will then appoint the 3 community representatives on confirmation from them that they are agreeable to the appointment.

3 Elected Representatives
The 3 elected representatives have been selected by the South East Area Committee (SEAC) at its meeting on the 9th March. The SEAC has agreed that the following 3 councillors will sit on the CGLC from March 2015 to April 2017:
Cllr Chris Andrews
Cllr Claire Byrne
Cllr Kieran Binchy
The following 3 councillors will sit on the CGLC from May 2017 to May 2019:
Cllr Dermot Lacy
Cllr Frank Kennedy
Cllr Paddy McCartan

2 Officials of Dublin City Council
The Chief Executive has appointed the South East Area Manager and the Senior Executive Officer, Environment & Transportation Department to the CGLC.

1 Representative from the Operator of the facility
Covanta has nominated its General Manager, John Daly to the Committee.

When all the appointments have been made, it is intention of the Chair to convene the first meeting of the committee which is likely to be before the end of June.




Councillor Kieran Binchy 045