Dublin City Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 – 2021



Dublin City Council, together with local organisations in the public, business, community and voluntary sectors, is developing the first statutory Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) for the City. The plan aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of more than half a million people who live in the city and the many workers, students and visitors who come into the city on a daily basis.


We want your help in defining the high level goals and actions needed to promote and support the economic and community development of Dublin City over the next six years. We want the views of individuals, residents’ associations, community and voluntary organisations, local businesses, entrepreneurs, workers and students across the city. Please log onto our website and help us define the twelve goals. Do they reflect the real issues facing the City or are there other important issues or goals that should be given priority in the Dublin City LECP?


The opportunity to have an in-put into this early stage of the development of the Plan offers everyone the best chance of influencing the overall shape and outcomes of the Dublin City LECP. Submissions are sought in relation to these goals and when finalised, following a period of public consultation, will form the basis for the development of more specific objectives and actions in the final Plan.


Submissions can be made by 30th June, 2015 at http://bit.ly/dublecp