Poolbeg Chimneys Conservation Update

Cllr. Kieran Binchy recently joined with other Councillors on Dublin City Council to start the process to list the Poolbeg Chimneys on the Poolbeg Peninsula as a Protected Structure.

Poolbeg Chimneys from the Bay


A protected structure is a structure that a planning authority considers to be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view. If you are the owner or occupier of a protected structure, you are legally obliged to prevent it becoming endangered whether through damage or neglect. The ESB owns the Poolbeg Chimneys.

Although they are of recent industrial provenance, the chimneys are considered by many Dubliners to be iconic because of their visual impact and social and artistic influence. On this basis the Dublin City Council Conservation Section has agreed to produce a report on whether the chimneys meet the criteria for being listed as a protected structure. It will report to the Councillors on the South East Area Committee (SEAC), which is the area that covers the Poolbeg Peninsula and Ringsend and Sandymount.

The following is the most recent reply (December 20014)  to Cllr. Kieran Binchy from the South East Area Manager of Dublin City Council:

The Conservation Section has commissioned an architectural historian to research and report on the chimneys at Poolbeg. The report is expected to be completed by the end of January, at which time the Conservation Section will review it and examine its findings. Therefore, a report on the chimneys for the South East Area Committee is not likely to be provided until the March meeting at the earliest.

The matter is therefore on hand, but it will take a number of months before the initial report is before the Councillors. In the meanwhile the ESB has not indicated that it has any plans (either positive or negative) for the chimneys, but any plans that it did have would be subject to the normal planning permission procedure.


Poolbeg Lighthouse with Chimneys, South Wall