McDonalds Temple Bar Planning Permission

Councillor Kieran Binchy (Fine Gael) recently made the following submission in relation to the application by McDonalds in Temple Bar to extend their opening hours to 3am.


Re: Ref 3690/14, 41-42 Temple Bar + 7 Fownes St Dublin 2
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you in my capacity as the Fine Gael Councillor for the Dublin 2 area. I am writing in support of local residents who have objected to the planning application by McDonald’s to vary their current permission, and in particular to vary their opening hours to allow them to serve food in the area of Temple Bar Square into the early hours of the morning.
I should state on the record that I opposed the original application for planning permission of McDonalds on this site due to the effect it would have on the tone and character of the area and because of the effect it could have through encouraging people to congregate and to litter. While I was very disappointed to see it receive planning permission, it was somewhat encouraging that the serving time of this fast food outlet was very clearly and specifically limited.
I therefore say that the decision of the planning authority to limit those times was sensible and well-founded, and was based on proper planning and the amenity of the area. The noise, litter and nuisance which a fast food restaurant, open after pub closing times in a busy area, which includes many residential blocks, will cause is clear. The area of Temple Bar must be balanced between the interests of cultural organisations, residents and commercial (including food and drink) bodies. In the evenings in Temple Bar the third of these interests is already overpowering the first two, to the detriment of the character and residential amenity of the area. Encouraging people to loiter even longer eating fast food in Temple Bar Square would further tilt that balance away from culture and residential amenity.
For these reasons I ask, in the interests of the proper planning and development of Temple Bar, that you refuse this application.
Yours faithfully,
Cllr. Kieran Binchy
Cllr. Kieran Binchy
Fine Gael Group Leader
Pembroke – South Dock
Dublin City Council, City Hall, Dame Street. Dublin 2
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