Speed Limits on Residential Streets

Cllr. Kieran Binchy is campaigning for lower speed limits on residential suburban and urban streets. The current limit of 50km/h might be suitable for main roads, but on residential streets that are not designed for through traffic, a lower limit of 30km/h should be available to be applied by the City Council if the residents  so wish. Cllr. Binchy therefore welcomes the recent report of the Department of Transport on the issue and has called upon the Dublin City Manager (Chief Executive) to implement the new circular and allow Dublin City Council to introduce lower speed limits on appropriate and suitable residential streets in urban and suburban areas.

Portobello councillor Kieran Binchy

Councillor Kieran Binchy


Dear Chief Executive,


I understand that the Minister for Transport has issued Circular RSD 01/2014 on the control of Vehicle Speeds in Housing Estates, which calls on local authorities to examine speed limits in residential areas and housing estates to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians, especially children.


I understand that the circular requests the Chief Executive to initiate consultation with residents with a view to determine the need for new bye-laws for 30 km/h limits for residential estates and additional selected safety zones.


Many residential streets in the inner suburbs such as in Sandymount and Portobello are currently used by rat-running commuters and other drivers moving at a speed that may be within the national speed limits but which is totally unsuitable for residential streets with many young families. I am strongly of the view that such streets would benefit greatly from such a change of speed limits. This could be implemented while keeping the normal limit on the primary commuter routes.


Can you therefore provide an update on the implementation of this circular?


Kind regards,


Cllr. Kieran Binchy


Cllr. Kieran Binchy
Fine Gael Group Leader
Pembroke – South Dock
Dublin City Council, City Hall, Dame Street. Dublin 2
E: kieran.binchy@dublincity.ie | T: 087 177 4365
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Fine Gael Councillor has welcomed news that all local authorities are to examine speed limits in residential areas and housing estates. The directive was issued to local authorities by the Minister for Transport, Sport and Tourism, Paschal Donohoe TD.


“Minister Donohoe has contacted all local authorities, including Dublin City Council Council, directing them to review the speed limits in residential areas and in housing estates.



Cllr. Kieran Binchy stated: “A 50km/h speed limit in highly populated areas is dangerous. We need speed ramps, lower limits and traffic calming measures to ensure the safety of children, cyclists and pedestrians in these areas.


“There are many residential streets locally which have a high volume of traffic passing through. Some are used as rat runs for the morning and afternoon school drop-off and collection times, or by commuters, with vehicles often travelling at speed. Not everyone is cognisant of the fact that small children may be on the footpath or even on the road playing with their friends – and this is where tragedy can strike,”


“I would like to thank Minister Donohoe for making this move. I would encourage Dublin City Council to implement the circular in order to secure the safety of everyone living in these areas, especially our young children.”