Tree Pruning in Dublin 4

Cllr. Kieran Binchy (Fine Gael) recently submitted a question at the South East Area Committee Meeting, asking the Area Manager to cut back street trees on the following streets where they are obscuring street lights, and where the trees are from private gardens ensure that the owners cut them back:

Park Avenue,

Sydney Parade Avenue,

Ailesbury Road,

Simmonscourt Road,

Eglinton Road,

Herbert Park Road.

 The Area Manager stated that Road Maintenance will inspect the above mentioned areas, if the trees are blocking the street lights, the proprietor in each case will be contacted and instructed to prune back their tree. If the tree is on footpaths, Parks Department will be notified. Road Maintenance will advise Cllr. Binchy on the outcome of the investigation. The Parks and Landscapes Service are currently working to clear the growth around traffic lights. The other locations have been noted for future works.


After following up with the relevant sections, Cllr. Kieran Binchy received the following further reply:




Road Maintenance have inspected the above mentioned areas, Parks Department have been advised of the requirement to prune trees on


• Park Avenue,

• Sydney Parade Avenue,

• Ailesbury Road,

• Eglinton Road,

• Herbert Park Road.


3 Private residences have been informed to prune their trees which are blocking street lighting on one of the above mentioned roads.


Please note, Road Maintenance did not notice any trees blocking street lighting on Simmonscourt Road. If Cllr Binchy wishes to clarify any specific location, Road Maintenance will re-investigate the named location on Simmonscourt Road.