“Cash for Cars” Signs

“Cash for Cars” signs which appear at traffic lights and junctions are illegal and pose a safety risk to motorists. They are a blight on the streets of the city.

Dublin City Council is urging car owners who are thinking of selling or disposing of their vehicles through the “cash for cars” adverts to reconsider. Cash for Car signs have blighted the streets of Dublin over the last number of years. Our Waste Management Department take these signs down on site and will continue to do so. We are also passing these phone numbers onto the Gardaí and have been liaising with them on the possibility of disconnecting the phone numbers in question. Dublin City Council would strongly advise motorists not to respond to these signs.

Dublin City Council is advising motorists that:

• These signs are illegal and under the Litter Pollution Act 1999 are subject to a fine of €150 each or €4,000 if convicted in court. Over the past 18 months over 5,000 of these signs have been removed.

• The signs are a distraction to motorists and as a result pose a safety risk to road users.

• Motorists also need to be aware that they have a responsibility to ensure that change of ownership is done correctly in order that any charges, fines or penalty points are attributed to the rightful owner. Motorists should contact their local Motor Tax office for advice on this.

This is part of a multi inter-agency approach between the four Dublin Local Authorities and the Gardaí.