Councillor Kieran Binchy – working to make Milltown a better place for you

Donnybrook councillor Kieran Binchy speaking at his public meeting

Milltown candidate Kieran Binchy speaking at his public meeting

Kieran Binchy has been a Fine Gael Councillor since 2011. He has worked with Dublin 6 residents on a range of issues such as traffic calming, tackling dereliction and protecting street trees.

With the new electoral boundaries, he hopes that the residents of Milltown will support his work  by voting Binchy No 1 for Pembroke South Dock in the Dublin City Council elections on Friday, May 23.

He is already working for Milltown residents on the following issues:


Kieran is working to ensure that the public parking spaces outside commercial premises in Milltown are kept for public use, and not used by employees as permanent parking. This issue of public parking spaces being used for all day parking by employees has been referred to Dublin Street Parking Service for inspection and enforcement action.

Green Area

Kieran is working to get the shrubs cut and the green area tidied up at the back of Ramleh Close. Pruning work has been undertaken in this area over recent weeks.  Additional pruning can be carried out by the Herbert Park depot on request.