Kieran Binchy – working to make Ringsend and Irishtown a better place for you

Ringsend and Irishtown councillor Kieran Binchy in Ringsend Park

Ringsend and Irishtown councillor Kieran Binchy in Ringsend Park

Councillor Kieran Binchy has represented Ringsend and Irishtown for the last three years. He has consistently worked for the area, maintaining a visible presence with his clinic in the Community Centre, and working with the local community for a better future for the village.

  • Kieran has worked with Dublin City Council and the Gardai to tackle anti-social behaviour in Ringsend Park, and on the streets leading to the Park.


  • He also introduced a Sli na Sl√°inte in the park to encourage walkers to use this great facility, and has worked with local clubs to secure the all-weather 5-a-side pitch to protect this amenity.


  • As a board member of the Ringsend Community Services Forum, Kieran has supported local organisations and clubs in the fight for a better future for the young people of Ringsend and Irishtown.


  • Kieran secured a specially-designed footpath cleaner for the area. It now cleans and tackles dog-dirt in Ringsend Village, the Dodder walkway, Aviva Walkway and Londonbridge Road (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Kieran is seeking more and better street-bins to prevent littering in the village.


  • Kieran supported a new streetscape for Barrow Street, but ensured it was amended to take into account the concerns of local residents about traffic. He also sought traffic calming for Sean Moore Road, to protect local residents both young and old.


  • Kieran is supporting the campaign for a permanent home in the area for a Dublin Dockworkers Museum.


  • Kieran campaigned for three years for the expansion of the Dublin Bikes scheme into the Docklands and South Lotts. The expansion arrived in Spring 2014. Ringsend and Irishtown should be next.