Kieran Binchy – working to make Portobello a better place for you

Portobello councillor Kieran Binchy

Portobello councillor Kieran Binchy

Councillor Kieran Binchy has represented Portobello for the last three years.

He has consistently worked to make it a better place for residents, supporting traffic calming, sensible planning and good cycling infrastructure.

  • Kieran opposed the proposed overdevelopment of the Irish Jewish Museum, and made written submissions to the Council and to An Bord Pleanála. Kieran also spoke against it at the An Bord Pleanála oral hearing.


  • Kieran worked to protect the street trees of Portobello, and passed a motion prohibiting the City Council parks section from ever cutting down a tree with first consulting with local residents. Kieran has also worked to ensure that street trees are properly pruned and that suitable new trees are planted.


  • Kieran secured a bye-law to regulate the waste collection in the city, so that operators can now only collect on Tuesdays. This ensures that bags and bins are not left out every night, helping to keep Portobello clean.


  • Kieran has worked with the Portobello Neighbourhood Watch on a wide range of issues over the last three years, including street lighting, traffic calming, illegal dumping parking and street cleaning across the area of Portobello.


  • Kieran has worked to find a solution to the speeding and rat-running traffic on Arnott St and Curzon St, on St.  Kevin’s Road, and on the other residential streets. He is also working for better street signage for one-way streets and for a pedestrian crossing for Leonard’s Corner.


  • Kieran has supported the Friends of the Grand Canal to ensure that the canal is kept clean, and worked to install new signs to protect swans. He has prioritised protecting the canal as an amenity.


  • Kieran is aware of the lack of school places in Portobello and he supported the successful campaign for an Educate Together primary school for the area.