Kieran Binchy – working to make Donnybrook a better place for you

Donnybrook councillor Kieran Binchy speaking at his public meeting

Donnybrook candidate Kieran Binchy speaking at his public meeting

Kieran Binchy has been a Councillor since 2011. He has worked with Dublin 4 residents on a range of issues such as traffic calming, tackling dereliction and protecting street trees.

With the new electoral boundaries, he hopes that the residents of Donnybrook will support his work.

  • Kieran secured a bye-law to regulate waste collection in the city, so that operators can now only collect on Mondays. This ensures that bags and bins are not left out every night, helping to keep Donnybrook clean.


  • Kieran is aware of the lack of school places in the area and is working with TDs and Ministers to seek solutions for the next generation of residents.


  • Kieran has sought solutions to ensure that Herbert Park is free from anti-social behaviour.
  • He has also supported the recent City Council budget allocation for much-needed works for the park and its facilities.


  • Kieran has worked to protect our street trees. He is also working to ensure that street trees are properly pruned, that suitable new trees are planted, and that gutters and roads are kept clear of leaves in autumn.


  • Kieran is working with residents to find traffic solutions for rat-running, speeding and illegally using the footpath, on streets such as Belmont Avenue and across the Donnybrook


  • Kieran knows the value of urban villages and local community. He has supported the Dublin City Neighbourhood awards and has worked with residents’ associations and businesses to fight dereliction and to ensure that Donnybrook Village thrives.