Who is Kieran Binchy, and why vote for Kieran in Pembroke South Dock?

KB AV=viva (800x600)An interview with your local Fine Gael councillor in Pembroke-South Dock

Q: Where did you grow up?

Kieran: I grew up in Charleville, Co. Cork with my sister and two brothers. Growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other and there was a great mixture of people was a brilliant apprencticeship for representing Pembroke-South Dock, which is an exceptionally vibrant and diverse constituency stretching from Grand Canal Dock to Milltown.

I moved to Dublin in 1995 to study Law and French in Trinity and, having studied in France, I caught the travel bug and worked overseas in Morocco, Cuba and Canada for most of my twenties.

Q: How did you get involved in politics?

Kieran: When I came back from Canada, I was taken aback by the ‘Celtic Tiger’, then in full flight. The county seemed to be slightly out of control with the huge property bubble and the banks’ lending policies. People were being told they’d never had it so good but I could see my friends saddled with huge mortgages and yet living miles from where they worked because the property market was so inflated.

Quality of life seemed to have reached a new low despite all the rhetoric from Fianna Fáil that we’d never had it so good. I’m not one to sit on my hands, so I got involved with Fine Gael on the ground in Dublin South East (now Dublin Bay South) and worked towards a change of Government. After that election I worked in Leinster House for a few years and I was co-opted to Senator Catherine Noone’s Council seat in 2011 after her election to the Seanad.

As a barrister, I’ve found my legal training very helpful in terms of being focussed on problem solving and being an effective advocate for the communities I represent. I can bring my problem solving ability to bear when dealing with the issues affecting individuals as their intermediary with the Council and I can bring my advocacy skills to bear when speaking up for the communities of Dublin South Dock at Dublin City Council meetings, e.g. on planning matters, parking, bins, illegal dumping, addressing the issue of derelict sites

Q: Why Pembroke South Dock

Kieran: This is where I live – I live in the Docklands and, as I’ve said, I think this is the most diverse and interesting constituency in the country. In scale, it’s huge, taking in Sandymount, Ringsend, Irishtown, Bath Avenue, Beggars’ Bush, South Docklands, Temple Bar, Christchurch, Aungier Street, Charlemont St, Portobello, Ballsbridge, Merrion, Nutley and Milltown. It is bordered by both the Canal and the Liffey and every area has a distinctive character and an interesting history in the context of the evolution of Dublin as a city.


I’m very passionate about the area because I know it well. I’ve been knocking on the doors here for years, getting to know the people, helping to resolve their issues. I have regular clinics in the area. I am very involved with a number of residents’ associations and, I must say, I get a great satisfaction from seeing the results of my work, especially given the patience needed to make progress in politics.

For example:

  • I led the Councillors in introducing a new development plan for the Docklands area, to bring new jobs and communities into the area.
  • One of my proudest achievements is that I successfully fought to open up the Grand Canal Marina, which had lain idle for 7 years;
  • I supported better cycle lanes and the expansion of Dublin Bikes
  • I worked to introduce traffic calming in Portobello and to protect pedestrians at busy junctions
  • I believe in better and safer parks and, over the last 3 years, I worked with the Council and the Gardai to tackle anti-social behaviour in Ringsend Park.
  • I have worked to protect the Canal as an amenity. And I introduced a Sli na Slainte in Ringsend.
  • Flooding has been a problem for many residents. I was on the ground at Bath Avenue in 2011 during the floods, and I have prioritised flood relief works since then. I have also worked with the Council and the OPW to secure a deal on insurance.


Q: What are you hoping to achieve in your next term if you’re successful on 23rd May?

Kieran: I have three key priorities.

  1. Transport: we need a coherent and integrated transport system that allows people to get easily from A to B whether that’s on foot, on a bike, on a Luas, Dart or bus.
  2. My second priority is planning. Dublin City Council has a huge responsibility in creating and delivering on a vision for Dublin that fosters the vibrancy of new industries and businesses while ensuring that people of every age and families of every combination can live and work in the city if that is their desire. We’ve seen too much of the short term approach and too much thinking in silos instead of a broader vision. I am passionate about the development of Dublin as a city of vibrant neighbourhoods.
  3. My third priority relates to the Local Property Tax (LPT). The simple fact of the matter is that the cost of living is higher in Dublin so we need to ease the burden on people where possible by ensuring that services are delivered in teh most cost effective way possible. The Local Property Tax take in Dublin is huge due to the population size and I believe we can afford to reduce the LPT while delivering excellent services. I will be seeking the maximum legal reduction in the LPT if re-elected next term.


Finally, I’d like to say: it has been my privilege to represent Pembroke-South Dock for the last three years. I have worked hard to vindicate the faith placed in me in 2011. I am hoping the people of Pembroke South Dock will renew my mandate on 23rd May.



For more information on Cllr. Kieran Binchy’s election platform please watch his short campaign video: