Kieran Binchy – working to make Sandymount and Bath Avenue a better place for you

Councillor Kieran Binchy 045

Sandymount & Bath Avenue councillor Kieran Binchy on Sandymount Strand

Councillor Kieran Binchy has represented Sandymount and Bath Avenue on Dublin City Council since 2011.

He has consistently worked alongside local residents’ associations to make Sandymount and Bath Avenue a better place for residents, supporting traffic calming, sensible planning and protecting local amenities.

  • Kieran supported the introduction of the Sandymount Architectural Conservation Area, to protect one of the country’s finest urban villages.


  • Kieran is seeking traffic calming for Strand Road, Claremont Road and Sandymount Avenue so that residents both young and old are safe and secure in their own area. He is also seeking a 30km an hour zone for residential streets in Sandymount.


  • Kieran is aware of the lack of school places in the area and is working with TDs and Ministers to address this. He supported the successful campaign for an Educate Together primary school for Sandymount to increase the supply of school places for local children.


  • Kieran secured a specially-designed footpath cleaner for the area which now cleans and tackles dog-dirt on Sandymount promenade and in Sandymount Village (Tuesday and  Thursday) and the Dodder walkway, Aviva Walkway and Londonbridge Road (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).


  • Kieran has opposed the Incinerator every step of the way. He also opposed the amendments to the Aviva Stadium planning permission which will funnel concert-goers along Bath Avenue.


  • Kieran is working within the Council to secure a playground for the children of Sandymount.


  • Kieran is prioritising flood protection works and gully cleaning so that residents of Bath Avenue and Sandymount are protected from future flooding.


  • Kieran sought and helped to secure the unification of Sandymount as a Council area, so that it receives the focus and attention from Councillors that it needs and deserves.