VIDEO – Binchy presents his vision for a better Dublin at his public meeting


Pembroke South Dock candidate, Councillor Kieran Binchy would like to thank everyone who attended his public meeting, with guest speakers former Taoiseach John Bruton and Eoghan Murphy TD.

Councillor Binchy informed the meeting of the main local issues he has been working on since becoming a councillor in 2011. These include opening up the marina in the Docklands as part of the regeneration of the docklands and his commitment to fight dereliction and promote good planning.

Kieran spoke about his work on the Council Transport Committee on the expansion of Dublin bikes and of the importance of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport sharing the road. He himself uses all four modes.


Kieran Binchy with John Bruton and Eoghan Murphy

Kieran Binchy with John Bruton and Eoghan Murphy


Kieran mentioned his work on prevention of illegal dumping, improved parking and, an important issue for many, the elimination of dog fouling. He said that there must be a 3-pronged approach to dog-fouling: education, enforcement and cleaning.

He also referred to his work on the Council’s Housing Committee and the challenges of providing social housing and combatting homelessness.

Regarding the Local Property Tax, Cllr Binchy made an upfront pledge that if re-elected on 23rd May he would vote in favour of the maximum reduction of the LPT of 15% thereby reducing the burden on local residents while not compromising local services.

Former Taoiseach John Bruton said: “Councillors like Kieran, who take the job seriously and are dedicated to better politics and to bringing the Council closer to the people, are what Dublin needs today.”