Binchy fights for road safety at Leonard’s Corner and on Belmont Avenue

Following concern from residents and pedestrians, Councillor Kieran Binchy is lobbying for two new proposed pedestrian crossings at Leonard’s Corner and improved road safety on Belmont Avenue.

Councillor Binchy – a Fine Gael candidate for Portobello and Donnybrook (Pembroke South Dock) in the upcoming Dublin City Council elections – has been reassured that the Sustainable Transport Unit is carrying out an assessment of the Leonard’s Corner request.

Councillor Kieran Binchy 089-001

He was told: “This involves both a desk top and on site assessment, taking into consideration the number and type of accidents which have occurred at the site, the difficulty in crossing the road, the number of pedestrians trying to cross and the existing condition of crossing.

“Based on this assessment the request will be prioritised. Funding may then be applied for from the National Transport Authority.”

The assessment should be complete by the end of April 2014.

Councillor Binchy said: “I believe that the new pedestrian crossings at Leonard’s Corner are vitally important for pedestrians’ safety, given the number of people who cross this junction and the volume of traffic at the intersection of Clanbrassil Street and the South Circular Road.”

Councillor Binchy is also pushing for improvements to road safety measures on Belmont Avenue in Donnybrook.

He was told: “At present there are requests for bollards and a one-way system being considered on Belmont Avenue along with a proposal from a schoolchild to allow children to cycle on the footpath for one hour in the mornings and evenings. Councillors will be informed of any recommendations in due course.

“Previous requests for bollards in various locations on Belmont Avenue were not recommended as the locations were unsuitable.

“A previous request for traffic signals at the junction of Belmont Avenue and Sandford Road was not recommended as Belmont Avenue itself and the junction of Belmont Avenue and Sandford Road had been examined thoroughly by both the Roads & Traffic Department and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Office. All-day traffic conditions were considered, not just the busy morning and evening periods. As a result no changes were recommended.

“A request to alter the traffic flow on Belmont Avenue and Marlborough Road by making them one-way systems was not recommended for a number of reasons, as follows:


  • It is considered that a one-way system would lead to increased traffic speeds and reduce pedestrian safety.
  • A one way system would cause inconvenience to residents on Belmont Avenue and Marlborough Road and increase traffic on adjoining Roads.
  • A one-way system would also hinder emergency services access, Garda operations and other service vehicles.


“Although no changes were recommended for this particular street, please note, that it is the policy of Dublin City Council to continue to promote the modal shift from private car use towards increased use of more sustainable forms of transport such as cycling, walking and public transport and to implement the initiatives contained in the government’s, ‘Smarter Travel, A Sustainable Transport Future 2009-2020’.”