Binchy tackles speeding on Strand Road

Councillor Kieran Binchy is committed to reducing speeding on Strand Road, Sandymount, in the interests of the safety of residents, walkers and cyclists.


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Cllr Binchy – a Fine Gael candidate for Pembroke South Dock in the forthcoming local elections – recently proposed a motion (together with two fellow councillors) to Dublin City Council recommending that the €11,000 made available in the budget for improvements to Strand Road be primarily allocated to speed reduction measures, as suggested in the report prepared by the Garda Regional Traffic Unit and outlined to residents at a public meeting on the 19th March 2014, such as

  • Additional speed limit signs
  • A number of “Flashing Speed Indicators”
  • A sign similar to that in the Port Tunnel indicating speed and capturing car registration number.

Councillor Binchy was assured by the assistant engineer at the Roads & Traffic Department that “the provisions in the Traffic Division budget for Strand Road are already primarily allocated for traffic calming measures.  The exact methods have not been finalised.  However the suggestions outlined above will be considered when finalising the most appropriate and effective traffic calming measures suited to Strand Road.”

Cllr Binchy also proposed a motion requesting the Traffic Advisory Group to examine and recommend the introduction of a 30 KPH limit on Strand Road/Beach Road.

He was told that “changes to speed limits have to be considered as part of a review of the existing Special Speed Limit Bye-laws. Arrangements are currently underway for a full review of the Dublin City Council Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws and the request for a reduction in the speed limit to 30 kph on Strand Road / Beach Road, Sandymount, will be considered as part of this review.

“Requests for changes to speed limits on particular roads also have to be considered in the wider context of traffic arrangements in the surrounding area.”

Cllr Binchy has pledged to keep fighting for traffic calming measures on Strand Road, saying: “The volume and speed of cars on the road are completely unsuitable for a residential street, and the wide curved nature of the road means that the traffic is extremely dangerous.”