Binchy fights to enforce organic waste collection in Portobello and Ringsend ‘bag’ areas

Councillor Kieran Binchy has addressed complaints from residents in Portobello and Ringsend relating to problems with organic waste collection in ‘bag’ areaKieran Binchys.

Responding to residents’ concerns, Cllr Binchy – as Fine Gael candidate for Pembroke South Dock in the upcoming local elections – demanded a report from the Dublin City Council manager on the implementation of Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household and Commercial Waste Bye-laws (passed in May 2013) for the Portobello and Ringsend areas, and in particular an update on the provision of organic waste collections in bag areas.

The report assured Cllr Binchy: “Monitoring of compliance with the new Bye-laws in the South East Area has commenced and all areas including those mentioned above will be covered in due course.

“The City Council acknowledges that there are particular issues in bag areas in providing an appropriate service that takes account of all environmental and economical considerations.┬áThe City Council is committed to ensuring that all householders are provided with an organic waste collection service and will be working with the waste operators in the coming year to achieve that objective.”

Cllr Binchy said: “I hope residents affected by this issue are reassured by the city council’s response.”